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MT training covers medical tattooing procedures taught to nurses, health care professionals and micropigmentation specialists privately and within the NHS. This particularly applies to nurses who work in breast care and plastic surgery departments. Medical Tattooing helps women who have suffered from breast cancer and are left with faded or non-existent areola as a result of reconstructive surgery on their breasts. Medical tattooing or nipple tattoo procedures can help to closely match the shade of your new areola, with those that were in place before surgery, and can also help to disguise any scarring around the areola area that may have occurred as a result of surgery.

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Caron Vetter:

Caron Vetter Micro-pigmentation specialist and Features Director Caron Vetter has been carrying out medical tattooing and micro-pigmentation procedures for surgeons both private and within the NHS throughout the UK for the past 20 years. Read more

Debbie Bayntun-Lees:

Debbie Bayntun-Lees Registered General Nurse, Registered nursing teacher (RNT).BA Hons in Nursing Education. Accredited Coach, Accredited Nursing Expert (Law Society).

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Medical Tattooing Training
Medical Tattooing with MT Training Caron and Debbie designed the Nipple-Areola Advanced Micropigmentation Programme for nurses, doctors, micropigmentation specialists and allied medical professionals in 2000. They gained RCN accreditation and have delivered the programme for over 12 years.
Medical Tattooing Training
MT Training Medical Tattooing When you have trained with MT Training you will always be able to contact us for support and advice for things such as colour matching and new techniques for medical tattooing. You will also receive regular e-newsletters providing information and medical tattooing training news.
Medical Tattooing Training
Areola Restoration with MT Training We can offer on site medical tattooing training courses for four or more nurses; this can help reduce patient waiting lists. We also offer a two day intensive medical tattooing training course for micropigmentation specialists at our state of the art clinic in Stoke Mandeville. We can also provide refresher workshops in Areola Restoration and Scar Camouflage.